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Navigating Suburban Life Without a Car: My E-Bike Adventures

Living in the suburbs without a car might seem challenging, but for me, it’s been a rewarding experience thanks to my e-bike. Modified to go up to 100 miles, this bike has become an essential part of my daily routine, proving that you can thrive in the suburbs without four wheels.

E-Bike for Everyday Errands

For trips within a 5-mile radius, my e-bike is a surprisingly efficient mode of transportation. Whether it’s running errands or just getting around town, I’ve found that I can often get to my destination faster on my e-bike than I could by car, especially during peak traffic times.

Uber Eats Deliveries

One of the most interesting uses of my e-bike has been delivering for Uber Eats. I usually position myself near a hospital just 1.5 miles away from my house. Delivering late lunches and early dinners to the hospital staff and new parents has been a fulfilling experience. Over time, I’ve covered over 1000 miles delivering in the surrounding cul-de-sac suburbs.

With new multi-family housing developments springing up, I anticipate even more demand for bike deliveries. The best earning opportunities come from “Uber Quests” or during minimum earnings time slots, where I can make a minimum of $20-25 per hour plus tips for 3 hour time slots. Let me say, people love seeing me pull up on this bike.
Now, while this is not a sustainable source of income, it almost feels like playing a game except you get money instead of points. If you want a unique experience, I’d say try it out.

I will say that I have paid off my bike at least 4 times with delivery money.

Grocery Runs

Grocery shopping has become a breeze with my e-bike. I regularly make trips to Lidl, which is just 1 mile away. With my carrier backpack, I can easily transport groceries, and I’ve noticed that the round trip often takes about the same time as driving.

Using an e-bike in the suburbs has its ups and downs. On the plus side, it’s incredibly convenient for short trips and deliveries. It’s also been great for getting a bit of exercise and reducing my carbon footprint. However, there are challenges too, like dealing with bad weather or finding secure places to park my bike.

Tips for Suburban E-Biking

  1. Gear Up: A good carrier backpack or back rack is essential for carrying items. Make sure your e-bike has a reliable battery, and consider a spare for longer rides.
  2. Get a Bike Lock: Purchase a nice bike lock! And use it!
  3. Plan Ahead: Find bike-friendly routes to ensure safer and more enjoyable rides.
  4. Stay Safe: Equip your bike with lights and reflective gear for visibility, especially if you ride at night.
  5. Keep Charged: Charge your e-bike regularly to avoid getting stranded.


Living without a car in the suburbs isn’t without its challenges, but with an e-bike, it’s entirely doable. From efficient grocery runs to making extra cash with deliveries, my e-bike has opened up a world of possibilities. If you’re thinking about trying life on two wheels, you might find it as rewarding as I have.

Happy riding!